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Argentyn 23 is an unique proprietary components designed to offer protected and exact
ranges of practical Argentyn 23
options a novel particle measurement (common zero.0008 microns) and extremely-wonderful dispersion that will improve bioavailability of silver ions.
The silver content material is ninety nine.Ninety nine% pure.

Argentyn 23 is the purest, safest*, and simplest colloidal silver hydrosols ever seen within the historical past of colloidal know-how.
Sovereign SilverĀ® is the #1-promoting colloidal silver product available on the market.
Our skilled model, Argentyn 23Ā®, is trusted by hundreds of docs.

Over the previous two a long time, the time period "colloidal silver" has been dramatically polluted by manufacturers that produce (knowingly or unknowingly) silver merchandise
contaminated by the presence of salts, proteins, compounds, stabilizers,
and oxidation - all of which serve to degrade and diminish the bio-exercise of
the silver, and render it probably toxic.

A Bio-Energetic Silver Hydrosol, resembling Sovereign Silver or
Argentyn 23, represents the final word refinement and purity of the colloidal silver It's the suspension of a excessive
content material (96%) of extremely-wonderful, positively
charged silver ions (Ag+) in solely pharmaceutical-grade
purified water. That is to not be confused with ionic silver,
an inferior type of impartial silver/silver salt that's in resolution (dissolved),
fairly than in colloidal suspension. The positively charged
silver ions (cations) in a Bio-Energetic Silver Hydrosol stay in suspension, sustaining their absolutely energetic
state to be used throughout the physique.

To take care of the prime quality and purity of its silver
hydrosols, Argentyn 23 is bottled in amber glass versus some manufacturers nonetheless
utilizing plastic.

Silver has all the time been some of the common antibiotic substances.

When administered within the colloidal kind, it's non-toxic.
Simply as we might die inside a couple of minutes if our lungs have
been out of the blue incapacitated, a microbe can not reside with out correct respiration. It suffocates and dies.
Extra importantly, colloidal silver doesn't harm human enzymes or alter the
physique's chemistry.

Colloidal silver is a robust, pure antibiotic and disinfectant.
When it arrives close to a one-celled microbe, it inhibits the cell's metabolic enzymes obligatory
for vitality utilization. Germs can't construct a resistance to
the motion of silver. There are not any identified
organisms that may fully withstand the affect of silver.

Research carried out on the UCLA Faculty of Medication Heart
for Well being Sciences confirmed that colloidal silver kills dangerous bacterial, viral, and
fungal organisms simply minutes after contact.
It doesn't have an effect on the "good micro organism" of the digestive system, or the Doederlein bacillus, important in stopping yeast infection in ladies.

Due to this fact, professional-biotic packages may be
continued whereas taking colloidal silver, with out the worry of contradiction.

EARLY Makes use of

Man's use of silver as a disinfectant dates again to our earliest recorded historical
past. The Greeks and others used silver vessels for water and different liquids to maintain them
The Egyptians used silver as a skinny crushed paper-like product
and wrapped it round wounds to keep away from infection. The Druids lined their drinking vessels with the metallic for disinfecting and sanitizing water.

It was noticed that these historic households who ate from silver utensils not often had been sick and
had few infections. This data handed on to kings, emperors,
and their households and members of their royal courts. They ate from silver
plates, drank from silver cups, used silver utensils and saved their meals in silver containers.

Settlers within the Australian outback suspended silverware within the water tanks to retard
spoilage. Generations in the past, pioneers
trekking throughout the Wild West within the
US confronted many hardships. Preserving
secure drinking water was one among them. Micro organism, algae,
and so forth., discovered a fertile breeding floor in wood casks, which have been carried by the wagons.
They positioned silver coins within the casks to retard the expansion of the
spoilage organisms. Additionally they positioned silver coins of their
milk to maintain it recent.

Wrapping wounds in silver foil was a standard
therapy across the flip of the century to stop infection. Finally,
man discovered to make silver nitrate and use it in wounds as
an antibiotic. However silver nitrate is a silver salt and is caustic, and subsequently
burns tissue, very like iodine. These early, unstable and crudely made silver options have
been typically injected immediately into the physique, taken orally or utilized topically.
Remarkably, there have been no important unwanted side effects.


Jim Powell reported in a Science Digest article in March 1978, titled "Our Mightiest Germ Fighter": "Because of eye-opening analysis, silver is rising as a marvel of trendy drugs. An antibiotic kills maybe half-dozen totally different illness organisms, however silver kills lots of. Moreover, silver-resistant strains fail to develop".

Whereas silver has been used for centuries
to purify water, trendy ionization know-how was developed by the Nationwide Aeronautic and House Administration (NASA) within the early
days of the area program as a lightweight methodology of purifying recycled water
on Within the United States and Canada,
greater than a hundred hospitals have put in silver-primarily
based water purifying methods to eradicate Legionnaire's
illness, a deadly micro organism that infects scorching water pipes and storage tanks in giant buildings.

Antibiotic resistance is shortly turning into a public well being nightmare.

Conventional antibiotics proceed to lose their skill to kill
sure strains of micro organism. Thus far, practically each illness inflicting organism recognized has turn out to be resistant to a minimum of one antibiotic, and
several other are immune to a couple of. Scientists have identified because the daybreak of antibiotic
age that the extra an antibiotic is used, the faster it tends to develop into ineffective as a result of bacterial

Silver has been confirmed to be helpful towards a whole bunch of infectious circumstances.

The listing of minor and critical circumstances that may be resolved utilizing colloidal silver is virtually limitless.

Moreover, there has By no means been an interplay with any medicine.

In "Use of Colloids in Well being and Illness",
1910, Dr. Henry Crooks wrote: "...that sure metals when in a colloidal state have a extremely germicidal motion, however are fairly harmless to human could also be utilized in a way more concentrated kind and with higher outcomes...all fungus, virus, bacterium, B. Tuberculosis... ..Staphylococcus Pyogenes, numerous Streptococci and different pathogenic organisms are all killed in three to 4 minutes; in reality, no microbe is thought that's not killed by this colloid in laboratory experiments in six minutes. . . ."

Colloidal silver has been discovered to be each a preventative and a treatment for infections, and fermentation resulting from any micro organism,
fungus or virus, particularly staphylococcus and streptococcus, that are
discovered current in nearly each illness situation.

Via easy highschool biology research we be taught that every one dwelling issues
exist within the colloidal type. The physique can extra readily
use medications already within the colloidal kind, versus the crystalline type.
Colloidal silver is probably the most usable
type of the simplest illness fighter there may be.
The physique makes use of colloidal silver to struggle illness-inflicting organisms, and to assist healing.

Consumption of colloidal silver each day is
like having a second immune system. It might considerably
scale back the incidence of infection. The power
to make use of colloidal silver safely each day might be a robust preventative
well being measure to boost the lives of tens of millions of individuals inclined to chronic infections.


The fundamental makes use of of colloidal silver may be as a preventative and curative supply.

The EPA (Environmental Safety Company) reported that the US Authorities participated within the Clear Water in Properties in Border
Space Municipalities Program, on the request of the
Mexican authorities, to supply clear water to all the nation's communities.

Few persons are conscious of the total vary
of therapeutic prospects that colloidal silver provides.
They could rinse their gums with it earlier than swallowing,
however not consider using it for the rest. By spraying it
externally, you may clear up every thing from acne to athlete's foot, diaper rash and poison ivy.
The outcomes are uniformly wonderful.

Spray it immediately on festering sores, psoriasis and pores and skin rashes and watch what occurs.

Rinse your mouth with it, gargle with it, soak dentures in it, and unhealthy breath is a factor
of the previous. Add to bathwater, douches, colon irrigation, and nasal spray.
Drip into eyes and ears for minor infections or inflammations.

Put colloidal silver in a pump bottle and spray it round kitchen and Mist countertops, chopping boards, sponges and towels
to remove micro organism and the infections and malodors they
carry. Spray fruits and vegetables earlier than storing, and
add to milk to retard spoilage. Utilizing colloidal silver in house canning or
freezing can vastly enhance the shelf life and freshness
of the meals.

Add to dishwater and mopping options.

Add a capful to a gallon of water and use it as plant spray
to eradicate undesirable fungus and micro organism inflicting root rot, and many others.
Add it to water base paints and by no means fear about mold
or mildew once more. In humid areas, spray on carpets drapes
and saved clothes to keep away from mildew and musty odors.

This can be a pure and protected component and you can not overdose.

The U.S. Authorities's Middle for Illness Management confirmed
in 1995 that there has by no means been any allergic, toxic or
carcinogenic reactions to colloidal silver. And the Setting
Safety Company has reported that silver is neither an eye fixed nor pores and
skin irritant.

Richard Davies and Samuel Etris of The Silver Institute,
in a 1996 monograph entitled "The event and Features of Silver in Water Purification and Illness Management",
mentioned three mechanisms of deactivation that silver makes use
of to incapacitate illness inflicting organisms.

They're: Catalytic Oxidation, Response with Bacterial Cell Membranes,
and Binding with DNA.


Silver, in its atomic state, has the capability to absorb oxygen and
act as a catalyst to result in oxidation. Atomic
(nascent) oxygen absorbed onto the floor of silver ions in resolution will readily react with
the sulfhydryl (-S-H) teams surrounding the floor of micro
organism or viruses to take away the hydrogen atoms (as
water), inflicting the sulfur atoms to kind an R-S-S-R bond; blocking respiration and inflicting the micro organism to expire.

Using a easy catalytic discount/oxidation response, colloidal silver will react
with any adverse cost introduced by the organism's transport or membrane proteins and deactivate them.


There's proof that silver ions attach to membrane
floor radicals of micro organism, impairing cell respiration and blocking its power switch
One clarification relies on the character of enzyme development: Particular enzymes are required for a given biochemical exercise to happen. Enzyme molecules normally require a particular metallic atom as a part of the molecular matrix with a view to operate.
A steel of upper valance can exchange a metallic of decrease valance within the enzyme advanced, stopping the enzyme from functioning usually.

Silver, with a valance of plus 2, can exchange many metals with a decrease, or equal valance that exhibit weaker atomic bonding properties.


Research by C.L. Fox and Modak with pseudomonas aeruginosa, a tenacious micro organism
that's tough to deal with, demonstrated that as a lot as 12% of silver is taken up by the organism's DNA.
Whereas it stays unclear precisely how the silver binds to the DNA with out destroying the hydrogen bonds holding the lattice collectively, it nonetheless prevents the DNA
from unwinding, a vital step for cellular replication to happen.